A second life for your Android tablet

Do you have an old tablet computer which is slow and don’t have the latest android version? Why not using is as a controller for your smart home?

My old LG with HABPannel

To make it a bit more usefulĀ  in daily life you can add a wireless charger. You need to check the orientation of your micro USB port. Because you can use the the coil only in one direction, you need to buy one with the right orientation!

Check the orientation of the USB connector
It works only with the correct side up

After you placed the device correctly you shall cover it with a plastic cover

nearly nothing is visible

Buy a wireless charging unit which is big enough to hold your tablet:

wireless charger

I use HABPanel with google chrome as UI interface. It looks very nice on a tablet and you can configure different views for different devices. I really like it. On smaller phone displays go with standard sitemaps and basic UI. Only as a personal recommendation.